8”x12” SteelPak Textured/Embossed Mylar Aluminum Foil Vacuum Sealer Bags



  • VACUUM SEALER COMPATIBLE: Our patented SteelPak bag is the ONLY metallized Mylar bag that works in all major FoodSaver vacuum sealers (without added attachments), as well as all other high-end vacuum sealers (such as all VacMaster vacuum sealers and Cabela’s Game Saver).
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN BETTER THAN PLASTIC/POLY VACUUM BAGS: Independent testing (see images on left) demonstrate our SteelPak 4 mil. Mylar bags are scientifically 500x more effective at blocking moisture and oxygen penetration than all leading poly vacuum bags (Yes, even “that” brand!)
  • MULTIPLE USES: Great for sous vide cooking, boiling, refrigeration or freezing (for long term storage). Not for microwave use.
  • ENGINEERED FOR FOOD SAFETY AND LONG-TERM STORAGE: Textured on one side and smooth finish on the other to allow for maximum air removal to provide longer refrigerator and freezer storage life and protection from freezer burn (see comparison photo on left).
  • BETTER PROTECTION, BETTER VALUE: Don’t spend more for less protection – Our patented one of a kind storage bags combine the benefits of vacuum sealing with the protection of Mylar/aluminum foil for the same price as (less reliable) plastic/poly vacuum sealer bags.

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Product description

Item Package Quantity: 28



(50) or (1000) Premium 8″x12″ SteelPak Textured Mylar Vacuum Seal One Quart Food Storage Bags

Features and Usages
Our patented design is the only Mylar aluminum foil bag that may be used in all major FoodSaver vacuum sealers (as well as other similar vacuum sealers) without the need for an attachment or snorkel.
Our first-of-their-kind SteelPak Vacuum Seal Bags combine the benefits of vacuum sealing with the protection of Mylar.

SteelPak bags are scientifically proven (see attached MOCON testing data) to be 4500% more effective at blocking oxygen penetration than clear poly/plastic vacuum bags sold by our competitors.

SteelPak vacuum bags have an exclusive textured surface, similar to FoodSaver vacuum bags, that allow air to be removed during the vacuum cycle.

Our Mylar films have extremely low Oxygen Transmission Rates (OTR) and Moisture Transmission rates (MVTR). 4.0 Mylar provides excellent and leakproof performance barrier from air, moisture, mold, vapor, odor and light intrusion.

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