Safewallet RFID Shield Passport Blocker


  • Protects Your Personal Information: These passport sleeves stop criminals from stealing your personal information. They’re effective against frequencies of UHF 860~960 MHz & HF 13.56 MHz.
  • Slim Design: The sleeves will fit your U.S. passport perfectly. You can carry your passport without the added bulk.
  • Water & Tear Resistant: These sleeves are durable enough to handle everyday wear and tear, and they’re even water resistant.

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You wouldn’t give your personal information to a stranger, but that’s exactly what happens to unsuspecting Americans every day. Their information is stolen by criminals using advanced chip readers. These RFID-blocking passport sleeves make it impossible for criminals to steal your information.

These sleeves are coated in a material that blocks chip reader frequencies and electromagnetic waves. Putting your passport inside one of these sleeves is like locking it in Fort Knox. Even the most sophisticated criminals will be totally prevented from stealing your information.

These are slim and designed to fit your U.S. passport perfectly. So they won’t get in the way or make your passport bulky. Simply carry it in your pocket or purse like you would normally and enjoy the peace of mind it brings.


  • Weight: 0.1 oz.
  • Length: 13 cm
  • Width:  10 cm

It’s never been more important to protect your personal information. Act now to prevent criminals from making you their next victim.


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