Rabbit Hunting: Secrets of a Master Cottontail Hunter


This thorough book studies topics including cottontail personalities, rabbit natural history and survival techniques, typical hiding places for rabbits, the behavior of rabbits when hunted, and much more. The many parts of beagling are also discussed. Over 70 photos and illustrations add to the author’s instructions.

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Excellent introduction to hunting cottontails and snowshoe hares and raising beagles to run rabbits in the outdoors

Contains tips that apply from the Appalachia Mountains to the Pacific Ocean

Author and expert hunter Dave Fisher shares multiple stories of his own hunting trips

This book is a fantastic guide for anyone interested in both training beagles to run rabbits and hunting rabbits. Author Dave Fisher has spent years in the outdoors, camping and hiking in the wilderness. He shares his experience in this book to teach new hunters how to do what he does and how to avoid common mistakes.

About the Author

Dave Fisher has been hunting rabbits with dogs for more than forty years and has raised over 250 dogs (with 100 for his personal use). While his friends have moved on to bigger game, he has always been obsessed with the close connection between hunter, hound, and hare. He has written more than five hundred articles on hunting and has produced several videos, including
Cottontail Rabbit Hunting, Mostly Squirrels, and Cottontails & Hares. He lives with his wife, Linda, and his beagles.