USB Multiport 4-Port Charger


USB Multiport Charger Features:

  • Simple: Just plug it in and hit the switch. It really is that simple.
  • Fast: Slashes charging time by up to 4 times by charging all your devices at once.
  • Convenient: Replaces 4 “single” chargers so you have less clutter getting in your way.
  • Lightweight: Fits in your backpack anywhere…even if it’s already stuffed to the brim with survival gear.

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Quickly Charges Multiple Devices – All In One Place

How many chargers do you have lurking around the house hogging the electrical outlets? If you’re like most people, probably way too many. This USB multi port charger eliminates the need to have individual chargers scattered throughout the house. Better yet, it prevents frivolous arguments over who gets to charge their phone first. With the USB multi port charger, everyone gets to go first because it can charge up to four devices…at the same time!

USB Multiport Charger Specs:

  • Length: 23.5″
  • Width: 21.6″
  • Height: 32.1″
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.4 oz.

This is one tool that every household should have…prepper or not. Grab yours now so you can finally liberate yourself from the tangled mess of different sized and shaped chargers in your home.


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