Hydrostop Lightweight Dry Bag – Large



  • Keeps Your Gear Bone-Dry: Special polyester interwoven with special waterproof fibers keeps even the tiniest drop of water out, so your gear stays dry and in perfect working condition.
  • Simple 3-Step Waterproofing: It’s super easy to waterproof your gear. Just place your gear inside the bag, roll the top down several times, and snap the buckle closed. That’s it! Your gear is completely protected from water damage.
  • Extreme Waterproofing: We went to great lengths to test the waterproofing capability of the Dry Bag. We ran it under the heavy downpour of a shower and completely submerged it in bathwater. No matter what we did, our gear inside always stayed bone-dry.
  • Plenty of Storage: The medium Dry Bag has 20 liters of space, and the large Dry Bag has 40 liters of space, which is plenty of room for all your electronics and most valuable survival gear.  NOTE: the “medium” bag is miss labeled as “small” on the package, but don’t worry its plenty big.
    Lightweight: At a mere 3.9 ounces, the Lightweight Dry Bag hardly adds anything to your burden.
  • Easy to Carry: It’s easy to carry once you have your gear all wrapped up. The roll-up top doubles as a comfortable and sturdy carrying handle. This makes it easy to grab and go in a hurry and gives you a convenient way to hang it off the ground away from curious critters. The Large Dry Bag has an extra strap for easier carrying.
  • Saves Space: Even the 40-liter bag stuffs down to the size of your fist, so it’s super easy to store when not in use.
  • Won’t Rip or Tear: The special polyester material that makes up the Lightweight Dry Bag is tightly woven together to stand up to all kinds of abuse. You can depend on it to keep your expensive gear safe from water even if you’re rough with it or drop it.

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One Bag Protects $1,000+ of Expensive Survival Gear

Our Lightweight Dry Bag protects all your valuable, life-saving gear so it’ll be in top shape when you need it. It’s made with a special type of polyester and interwoven with waterproof fibers that keep even the tiniest drop of water out. It handles anything from the intense downpour of a thunderstorm to being completely submerged underwater.


  • Capacity: 20L (Medium), 40L (Large)
  • Weight: 2.3 oz. (Medium), 3.9 oz. (Large)
  • Material: 210T Terylene (Waterproof polyester)
  • Length: 18″ inches (Medium), 23″ inches (Large)
  • Width: 15″ inches (Medium), 20″ inches (Large)

Even if all this waterproof bag did was save your $400+ smartphone from being destroyed by a rainstorm, wouldn’t it be worth it? Grab yours today to waterproof your survival gear.


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