Lifeshield® Warmth & Outdoor Shelter Kit



  • Small but Mighty: Each of the tools included in the Warmth & Outdoor Shelter Kit is compact and won’t take up space in your backpack or bug out bag. You no longer have to sacrifice capability for portability. Get everything you need to brave the elements in one kit.
  • Complete Emergency Shelter: Finding shelter will be a top priority when SHTF. The survivalist gear included in this kit lets you set up an emergency shelter practically anywhere. You’ll stay warm and dry no matter the weather!
  • Immensely Affordable: Why buy each of these items individually and pay more? When you choose this kit, you’re choosing a budget-friendly way to add these essential warmth and shelter tools to your arsenal of survival gear. 

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  • 2 – 20-Hour Body Warmers
  • 1 – 2-Person Tube Tent
  • 1 – Emergency Poncho
  • 1 – Tact Bivvy

Stay Warm, Dry, and Protected with This Amazing Kit

Exposure to the elements is the #1 threat people face during a crisis situation, but with the Warmth and & Outdoor Shelter Kit you are prepared for pretty much anything mother nature throws at you. Kit includes our Tact Bivvy emergency sleeping bag (reflects your body’s heat back to you using HeatEcho material), a 2-person tube tent (goes up in seconds and shields you from intense sunlight, freezing winds, rain, and more), (2) 20-hour body warmers (last an entire day while pumping out 155 degrees of heat), and an emergency poncho (100% waterproof). This kit is essential for anyone who wants to be prepared for when SHTF, plus it’s perfect for people who simply enjoy hiking and camping outdoors. Don’t risk succumbing to the elements. Get everything you need to keep warm and set up an emergency shelter with this one handy kit.


  • Emergency Bivvy Bag Dimensions: 7′ x 3′
  • Emergency Bivvy Bag Weight: 4.7 oz
  • Emergency Bivvy Bag Comes With: Stuff sack for easy storage and portability
  • Emergency Poncho Size: 61″ x 65″ x .01″
  • Emergency Poncho Weight: 0.1 lbs
  • Emergency Poncho Material: Polyethylene

The facts are undeniable that this is one survival kit, you don’t want to live without. Why risk exposure to the elements when all you need is one comprehensive and affordable kit to help you handle any kind of weather? Get your Warmth & Outdoor Shelter Kit today and lock-in this unbelievable price


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