Premium 2 Person Bug Out Bag



  • 2 Person Premium Bugout Kit includes: One Tactical Backpack with built-in Water Pouch – One CREE Tactical Flashlight – One 174 Pc First Aid Kit – Two 3600 Calorie Food Bars – Twelve Water Pouches
  • Three AAA Batteries – One Work Gloves – One Fire Bracelet – One Credit Card Knife – Two ThermaSave Sleeping Bag – Two HeatStore Blanket – Two Hand Warmer – Two Vinyl Poncho
  • One 2 Person Dome Tent – Two Light Stick – One 5 in 1 Survival Whistle – One 5mm x 50′ Rope, Olive Green – One Duct Tape – One Work Gloves – One Multitool Knife
  • One Playing Cards – One GI Can Opener – One Emergency Preparedness Guide – One Pencil – One Weatherproof Zip Bag – One Candles-6 Pack – One Waterproof Matches
  • One GI Can Opener – One Mountain Meal Mess Kit – Two ThermaFuel – One Bobcat Stove – Two Spork – One Folding Saw – One Folding Shovel

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Details: There may come a time when you need to bug out and get off the grid, so Legacy has created the perfect 2-Person Premium Bug Out Bag. Bug out bags are intended for those who are looking to disappear and not be found. This premium kit includes some of the most fundamental and important survival gear needed to survive an off the grid excursion. Prepare to bug out in style with the Premium 2-Person Bug Out Bag from Legacy Premium!

If disaster truly comes, we may be forced to get off the grid and fend for ourselves. Having a bug out kit with all the essential survival gear should be something in your emergency supplies that is ready to go at all times, and Legacy Premium put together a fantastic option for you. The Premium 2-Person Bug Out Bag is loaded with survival necessities to help you thrive in a survival situation.

Surviving off the grid is no easy task, but having the right tools can make the job much easier and successful. Legacy’s Premium 2-Person Bug Out Bag comes in a heavy duty backpack with built in hydration pack and includes a tactical flashlight, dome tent, sleeping bags, heat blankets, first aid kit, portable cooking stove, emergency fuel and more. This bug out bag has carefully selected gear that will make surviving off the grid a real possibility and will give you a fantastic foundation to build upon. This bag is highly portable, as it weighs under 30 lbs, and is loaded with what you need to survive.

Get off the grid, and stay off the grid, with a Premium 2-Person Bug Out Bag from Legacy Premium!