Paracord Survival Bracelet


Paracord Survival Bracelet Includes:

  • 10 ft. of paracord
  • Firestarter
  • Compass
  • Fishing hooks
  • Fishing line
  • Fishing lures
  • Sinkers
  • Whistle
  • Tinder

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How Does This Inconspicuous Bracelet Fit All This Gear?

What happens when a crisis strikes, but you’re away from all your gear? Anyone wearing this survival bracelet will be ready at a moment’s notice. It includes everything you need to survive even if this is the only piece of gear you have. This bracelet lets you fish, start fires, navigate, build a shelter, and call for help. It looks like a regular paracord bracelet, which are popular right now, so nobody will even notice you’re fully equipped with survival gear…perfect for any prepper who wants to stay under the radar at work or around town.

Paracord Survival Bracelet Features:

  • Complete Wilderness Survival Solution: Comes with everything you need to survive in the wilderness even if this is the only piece of gear you have. Find your way with the compass, catch all the fish you can eat with the hooks, line, and sinkers, start a fire with the firestarter and tinder, build a sturdy shelter with 10 feet of high tension paracord, and call for help with the whistle.
  • Incognito: Wear it on your wrist every day so you’re always prepared for the worst. It’s designed to look like a regular paracord bracelet, so you won’t attract any unwanted attention.
  • Durable Cordage: This bracelet is made from 550 paracord. That means it can hold weight up to 550 pounds without breaking, which is more than anyone will ever need in a survival scenario.

Paracord Survival Bracelet Specs:

  • Material: 550 paracord
  • Circumference: 8.5″ in.
  • Weight: 1.7 oz.
  • Length: 10″ in.
  • Thickness: 0.5″ in.


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