Proster IP65 Military Compass



  • 【Compass with Clinometer】 330G High Strength Engineering Professional Compass with clinometer, enable to measure height and slopes.
  • 【Sighting Telescope】 The compass allows you to read datas directly; Vertical Lubber line of the sighting optic (1°resolution) improves its accuracy and decreases its errors.
  • 【Fluorescent Design】 Luminous magnet arrow and compass card allows you to read data in dark environment after absorbing enough sunshine, conveniently for use at night.
  • 【Multifunctions】 330G High Strength Engineering Professional Compass, Foldable metal lid, Floating compass dial with 360° scale, Adjustable prism lens, Waterproof Shakeproof.
  • 【Application】Capable of working under extreme weather condition, suitable for Camping, Climbing, Boating, Exploring, Hunting, Hiking, Geology and Other Outdoor Activities.

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Foldable metal lid
Sighting window with sighting line
Floating compass dial with 360°scale
Luminous magnet arrow
Adjustable prism lens
Material: High-strength Engineering Metals, Army Green Paint
This compass is a precision instrument, the deviation of 1 degree or less
Minimum score value: 1 °
Working temperature: – 20 ℃ – + 50 ℃
Fluorescent dribbling fluorescent display
Colour: Camouflage
Weight: 330g

The luminous effect refers to the phosphor power under the light, can be seen after uv light irradiation.
The more light irradiation, the more durable lumious indication.
There is no lumious effect without light.

1 x Metal Sighting Compass
1 x Carry Bag
1 x Manual