100 Uses For Paracord

Paracord was popularized for its use in parachute riggings for military airborne units. Hence the name paracord, for parachute cord.

You’ll also hear paracord referred to as 550 cord. That’s because each stand is able to hold 550 pounds before it breaks. More importantly paracord is made of a woven nylon sheath and contains 7 inner strands (or cords) that can be used for various purposes.

In totality paracord has well over 100 uses . But we wanted to take the time to list out 100 for you so you can see how valuable it is as a survival tool.

Once you read this list you’ll understand why paracord isn’t just a cool piece of military surplus to own…it’s a lifesaving piece of equipment you can’t be without.

Take a look at the various uses you can find with paracord.

Top 100 Paracord Uses

1. Thread for sewing (inner stands)

2. Barter with it (people love paracord)

3. Use it to mount a sling pump

4. To make wooden raft lashing logs together

5. Can be used to fish with

6. Use it to replace a pull cord for broken appliances (lawn mower, boat engine)

7. Emergency Tourniquet

8. To assist in lowering heavy equipment

9. Stitches for open wounds

10. Add as a grip to weapon so it never slips

11. Use it as guy lines to string up a tent

12. Suspend clothes off the ground as a clothing line

13. Use it to make a seat. Suspend a log off the ground between 2 trees

14. Use it to tie up bad guys

15. Sling for a rifle

16. String across a motorcycle trail (for self defense)

17. Use it to anchor a boat to land

18. Create a fishing net using inner strands

19. Hair tie or headband

20. Use it as a sling for a broken arm

21. Use it train a horse or dog

22. Create a sling to throw rocks with

23. Create a makeshift watchstrap (inner and outer strands)

24. Use it as a bowstring

26. Lash loose gear to a backpack

27. Clean a camel back hose. Tie knots in the cord and pull it through

28. Give to children so they can keep important items with them (bracelets, tie to clothes)

29. Tow rope for a car, ATV, or similar vehicles

30. Use it to compress loose packs and bags.

31. Pull someone out of a pit or a deep hole

32. Measure distance with it, range finder

33. Keep a broken window shut

35. Use it to secure solar panes

37. Use to rappel down a cliff

38. Use it to create a bullwhip

39. Tie and bundle loose items like firewood together

40. Use to drag heavy items with

41. Suspend a lantern with it for overhead light

42. Tie together broken shoes

43. Tie door down to prevent forced entry.

44. Hang a mirror or other large objects.

45. Use it to move heavy objects as a Spanish Windlass

47. Use it to clean a rifle bore cleaner (tie knots and drag through)

48. Tie up vine plants for outdoor garden

49. Hang a premade hammock with it

50. Can be used to keep people connected when travelling in the dark

51. Re–lace worn boots

52. Use it to spread animals while skinning and cleaning

53. Use it as a guideline to pull a heavier rope through a tough spot

54. Floss with inner strands

55. Use as a pulley line for heavy objects through the notch in a tree (several strands with knots for grip)

56. Use it to replace missing drawstrings

57. Start a fire as a bow or fire drill

58. Use it to lash down a bag on a bumpy ride on a boat or car

59. Create a hunting snare (using the inner strands)

60. Make an emergency litter with branches to help create a stable platform

61. Create emergency work gloves by wrapping it around hands

62. Make a spear by tying knife to the of a pole or branch

63. Emergency self-defense garrote (to strangle someone)

64. Leash your crazy canine with it

65. Use it as trip wire (attach to tin cans or anything to make noise)

66. Use it as safety line when working in dangerous areas

67. Tie on a makeshift handle for a broken handle of a blade

68. As guy lines for a sail

69. Use it to hang food suspended from a tree branch

70. Use it to tie long hair back

71. Knot it into a hacky sack or larger ball for entertainment

72. Learn how to tie knots with it (entertainment, utility)

73. Tie up meat to sundry it

74. Use it as a climbing rope to quickly climb trees

75. Tie it around bald tires in slick conditions

76. Wrap a hammer or hatchet handle to absorb shock

77. Make a makeshift Hammock

78. As a trot line for fishing

79. Fix a broken zipper pull

80. Use it to build a super strong piece of rope

81. Use it to make a weighted mace

82. Use it to seal punctures in broken metal and wooden appliances (melt nylon and let it seal

83. String up a tarp to a few trees for a makeshift tent

84. Weave it into a bracelet that unravels for later use in disaster situations

85. Make a pit trap by lashing across the mouth and placing loose plants on top

86. Use it to make a scale balance

87. Quick fix for power steering or broken water pumps

88. Create neck or wrist lanyard to hold anything from a compass to a whistle

89. Use it as lead for horse

90. Make a temporary saddle with it

91. Create a ghillie suit with it (sniper suit)

92. Make a belt

93. Keep car doors closed when handle’s broken

94. Make suspenders if belt doesn’t work

95. Use it as a water catch Tie up plastic bag and prop open with a stick

96. Make a “grenade” that holds survival supplies inside

97. Create a tie ladder

98. Use it to tie pants around boots to keep

99. Use it as a work out aid for pull ups or sit ups

100. Hang a solar shower

That’s seriously just scratching the surface!

Tell us if we missed anything in the comments below!

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