Scout Pack UV Paqlite Glow In The Dark Kit W/flashlight


Glow In The Dark Survival Gear Pack Features:

  • Unbelievably Easy To Use: Simply hook the gear tag onto your bug out bag, survival kit or camping supplies. When SHTF and there’s a power outage, you’ll be able to easily locate these important survival supplies!
  • Surprisingly Useful: Whether you’re trying to locate your bug out bag amidst the pile of other preppers’ bags, or you’re trying to organize everyone’s supplies in your camping tent, the fact is you’ll need to be able to identify which stuff is yours. With the glow in the dark gear tag, you’ll be able to spot your camping/survival supplies with ease – even in pitch black darkness.
  • Quick & Easy Recharging: This survival tool is seriously easy to recharge! Simply place it under a flashlight for 10 seconds, under direct sunlight for 1 minute, or under ambient light for 10 minutes for a full power-boost.
  • Hyper-Charges In An Instant: Typically this glow in the dark gear tag is intended to help you to find your survival kit, bug out bag and camping gear in the dark with ease.
  • Compact: It’s easy to see why preppers love attaching these gear tags to their bug out bags, survival kits, and camping supplies. You’ll never be weighed down with these compact attachments.

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The UV Paqlite Glow In The Dark Scout Pack Includes:

  • 1 – UV Paqlite Small – hang it inside a dark environment, like a 2-3 person tent, to provide a night light illumination all night long
  • 1 – UVO Necklace – a light source you can wear, it will make you or something else more visible in the dark
  • 1 – UV Glostik – 4” reusable glow stick attaches easily to backpacks, gear bags, and more
  • 1 – Tooblite – 6” reusable glow stick that can be attached to items you need to find in the dark
  • 1 – Flashlight – mini LED tactical flashlight

The Ultimate “Glow In The Dark Gear” Combo!

Every prepper will want to get their hands on this “illuminating” glow in the dark gear combo!

There’s no doubt about it – every prepper needs this glow in the dark gear for all

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