Fiber Soil Direct Plant Seed Starters (36mm) – 48 Pods


  • SO EASY! – Just hydrate the seed starters, insert the seeds or cuttings and keep moist inside the warm mini greenhouse. Then transplant them into a planter or your garden when they’ve grown. It’s amazing to see the results! Perfect for any skill level and great for kids too. Comes with detailed easy-to-follow instructions. (Seeds not included)
  • SUCCESSFUL TRANSPLANTING – Includes 48 – 36mm Fiber Soil Direct Plant Seed Starters. Once seedlings have grown, simply insert the entire Seed Starter / seedling into an outdoor patio / deck planter or backyard garden. Because there’s no root disturbance, plants are easily established. Couldn’t be easier!
  • DENSE, STRONG ROOTS – Because of root air pruning, Fiber Soil Seed Starters have a better root system capable of absorbing more oxygen, moisture and nutrients. When roots penetrate the outer netting, the outside air inhibits (prunes) the roots from growing further out. At the same time, the air pruning causes the inner roots to explode with beneficial fibrous root growth. Unlike many seed starting trays that cause roots to spiral around the container, creating a tangled, inferior root system.
  • SAVE MONEY – Grow your garden by seed this year! Buying grown plants at the nursery can be expensive and you’re limited to only a few varieties. Choose the vegetable, herb and flower varieties that you want to grow.
  • WHERE DO YOU GROW IT? – Use the Seed Starter Pods in any tray, or better yet, try our Multi-Use Planter Tray and Double Veg Ledge suction cup window shelf. (Both sold separately) Give your seedlings the sun it needs and unclutter your counter space. See promotion to save 10%!

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Plants are good! Eat them, admire them and breath healthier air. Window Garden’s innovative and attractive growing solutions take advantage of the sun’s energy so you can enjoy the power of plants year round.


Anyone can do it!

Fiber Soil Seed Starting Kits are designed for simplicity and success.

It’s fascinating to see plants grow from a tiny seed into a mature plant. The rewards of growing your own food, herbs and flowers by seed are numerous. It’s a great way to relax, relieve stress and enjoy time with nature. Kids benefit from stimulating their curiosity and learning. And, growing plants by seed is much cheaper than buying plants plus, you can choose any variety you want to plant.

Direct Plant

We’ve taken the frustration out of gardening and made it fun and easy. Just grow your seedlings on your windowsill. Then in one-step, plant the seedlings in the garden or a planter. With a little care and patience you’ll have a productive, beautiful garden you can be proud of.

Multi use planter Tray

Your window is an excellent place to grow seedlings. The warmth is perfect for germination and the sun is optimal once they’ve grown leaves.

Our Multi-Use Planter Tray and Double Veg Ledge is an ideal combination for taking advantage of the suns energy. 48 Seed Pods fit perfectly in the tray and the Veg Ledge adheres to the window so you can free up your counter space.