Composting: Sustainable and Low-Cost Techniques for Beginners


This book will help you:

Choose the perfect composting system for your home (you can literally get one for $13, so it won’t break the bank)
Make sure that your compost pile has the right proportion of green and brown ingredients
Prevent your compost from rotting, drying out, or developing funny smells
Find the courage to invite some friendly worms to help you (this is called vermicomposting)
Discover non-disgusting ways to fertilize your garden with your bodily waste
Enjoy a lush garden without the dangers of artificial fertilizers!

A well-planned compost pile doesn’t smell and it doesn’t require much maintenance. Just get this book, follow the step-by-step instructions and let your plants enjoy all-natural fertilizer in a matter of months – or even weeks!

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Have you ever been to a lush old forest and wondered how those majestic trees and thick bushes grow so happily without any help… while your garden threatens to die out within weeks if you don’t feed your plants with chemical fertilizers?
Well, nature is wise.
A forest fertilizes itself with dead leaves and grass and all kinds of organic materials that turn into delightfully nutritious compost. It contains the EXACT nutrients that plants need for healthy growth – without the weird (and expensive) chemicals that contaminate the soil.
So… why don’t you just repeat this process in your garden – or even in a bucket in your apartment?

But composting is complicated and expensive, they say.
It’s not worth the effort, they say.
Compost stinks, they say.

Guess what? Those are MYTHS. When done correctly, composting is easy and cheap… and compost actually has a nice earthy smell so you can even make it indoors.

But… how do you compost correctly?
You simply grab this book and follow the step-by-step tutorials!