Paratinder 550 Paracord


ParaTinder Survival Paracord Features:

  • Extremely Versatile: This incredible piece of survival gear not only contains all the paracord uses you know and love (i.e: fishing line, sewing thread, tying survival supplies together, pitching a bug out shelter), but it also contains a fire tinder cord, allowing you to start a fire whenever you need! A must-have for emergency preparedness!
  • Incredibly Easy To Use: The fire tinder cord contained in this 550 paracord is bright red, allowing you to find it with ease. When it’s time to light a fire, simply ignite this red fire tinder cord with any fire starter. This is one of the easiest survival products to use when it comes to getting a fire going!
  • Super Strong: This 550 paracord can do all the heavy lifting, such as tying up a tent or holding together survival gear, allowing you to focus on more important things – like doing everything you can to survive.
  • Convenient Fire Starting: You don’t have to worry about lugging around fire tinder thanks to this awesome paracord. Thanks to its built-in bright red fire tinder cord, you can easily and quickly start a fire anywhere. Add this awesome piece of survivalist gear to your camping supplies, and add it to your survival kit and/or bug out bag for when SHTF!

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Your Favorite Piece Of Prepper Gear Just Got An Upgrade 

Meet ParaTinder – the older, way cooler older brother of your normal 550 paracord. Not only does this game-changing survivalist gear contain all the countless paracord uses you’re familiar with (Click here for 100 paracord uses you might be missing out on!), but it also contains a fire tinder cord, making it one of the best survival supplies to have on you after SHTF! This is one of the most crucial pieces of survival gear you can have! Be sure to always have this 550 paracord with you at all times in your bug out bag and survival kit for 24/7 emergency preparedness (it also makes a great addition to your camping supplies!). This is a brand new survival product that we’ve added to our online survival store – which means every prepper out there is going to want to get their hands on it! Be sure to grab a few pieces of this awesome survivalist gear before they’re gone!

ParaTinder Survival Tool Specs:

  • Paracord Color: Orange and Grey
  • Paracord Length: 30 ft.
  • Paracord Type: 550 Paracord

ParaTinder is easily one of the coolest and most innovative pieces of prepper gear we have here in our online survival store. Not only does it contain all the TONS of paracord uses you already enjoy, but it also contains a bright red fire tinder cord, allowing you to start a fire anywhere! Add this 550 paracord to your camping supplies, as well as to the survival supplies in your bug out bag or survival kit for 24/7 emergency preparedness. After all – we could have a SHTF situation on our hands any minute now!


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