Trucker’s Friend – All Purpose Survival Tool


Trucker’s Friend Features:

  • Versatile: This is a survival tool that can do it all. Need to pound stakes in for your tent, you’re set. Need to open up an emergency hose valve, you’re covered. Need to cleave a zombie’s head off, you’re in luck. The truth of the matter is it’s the kind of survival gear you need if you want all of your bases covered.
    • All-in-one hammer
    • Pry bar with ‘V’ slot and lever
    • Wire twist
    • Nail puller
    • Hose spanner
    • Fully resharpenable 4.5″ curved axe head
    • Grapple hook
    • Tire chain hook
    • Protective blade guard
  • Super Tough: You want this ultra tough survival tool in your bug out bag, it’s made out of heat treated steel alloy and has an ultra tough fiberglass handle so you can use it for just about anything and it’ll take the abuse. This is easily one of the best tools to own for disaster preparedness.
  • Built for Defense: The Trucker’s Friend isn’t just a regular survival tool, it’s also a survival axe you’ll be able to use to beat back attackers. The survival axe blade is actually one you can re-sharpen over and over so even after it’s dulled on zombie heads you’ll be able to get it back up to its cutting potential in no time.
  • Comfortable: Made with a special shock-absorbing power grip handle the Trucker’s Friend is super comfortable to use. It’s also very well balanced, so whether you’re using it as a survival axe or survival hammer you’ll find you love having it in your survival supplies.

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8 Incredible Survival Tools In 1 Compact Tool

Big rig drivers needed this incredible survival tool for the variety of tasks they deal with in their jobs. Now it’s available to you as a super-useful piece of survival gear. The Trucker’s Friend is a perfect addition to camping gear or an extreme bug out bag and you will absolutely love using it. Built into this survival tool are an axe, a hammer, a crowbar, and more. This is literally one of the most useful pieces of survival gear you could possibly own, it’s perfectly balanced, extremely effective, and was actually made with one more hidden use… to take down zombies in one fell stroke.

Trucker’s Friend Specs:

  • Handle material: Non-conducting fiberglass handle
  • Blade & shank material: Heat treated steel alloy
  • Dimensions: 19.25″ x 5″ x 1.25″
  • Weight: 2.24 lbs.

Not many people are adding survival supplies like the Trucker’s Friend into their survival supplies. But you can clearly see how useful the Trucker’s Friend is included in a survival kit or in with your camping gear.


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